RE Headset Cover

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A custom headset cover for all Black Recycled Edution Bikes made in December 2013 or May 2014. Wishbone Bike Recycled Edition Headset Cover is made from neoprene and is designed for RE Bikes made in December 2013 or May 2014. The kit covers the joint between your RE Bike headset & frame, to make sure little fingers remain safe at all times. Check if your Recycled Edition bike has this batch number by reading the small dial molded into your bike forks. If the number in the centre shows 13 and the dial points to 12 or the number in the cente shows 14 and the dial points to 5, then order your RE Headset Cover today - free of charge. IMPORTANT SAFETY NOTICE To all Wishbone Bike Recycled Edition owners with batch date December 2013 or May 2014: Wishbone Design Studio is committed to maintaining the highest safety standards for all our riders. In 2015, Wishbone received three reports globally of young riders who injured their finger or hand by pinching it between the frame and headset of a Wishbone Bike Recycled Edition (RE Bike). Two RE bike batches made in December 2013 and May 2014 are affected by this pinch hazard. Your bike’s batch number can be found on the front frame component, as shown in the picture above. We are saddened that any young rider has been hurt using our RE Bike. Our response is to proactively supply free of charge a simple neoprene headset cover to any owner of an affected RE Bike. If you own an affected RE bike, please stop riding and in October collect your free headset cover either from the store where you purchased your bike or by registering anytime directly with us. Note: This message only relates to Recycled Edition Wishbone Bikes made in December 2013 or May 2014. No other batches of RE Bikes and no wooden Wishbone Bikes or other Wishbone products are affected. Any questions or comments can be sent to or call USA 1 888 748 7453 or other countries call New Zealand +64 4 3891959.