every wishbone is a canvas to express yourself. ooh la la.

We’re all about slowing down consumption, fewer things but better. Our stuff shouldn’t define us, but it can help us learn and grow. And what's more important than discovering who you are? That’s why we built a customiser that puts the power in your hands. Create a wishbone design that truly reflects you, and then treasure it. Win for you, win for the planet.

Yellow silicone bike seat cover
Red silicone bike grips
Wishbone Grips

On Sale from €12,95 Regular price

Wishbone Bell
Wishbone Bell

From €19,95

Wishbone Nameplate
Wishbone Trike Kit
Wooden bent ply cargo bin
Bag Customizer
Bag Customizer

From €45,00

Framed wood graphic bike sticker
Wishbone Stickers

On Sale €12,95 Regular price

Wishbone Cruise Trike Kit
Blue, red and yellow cycling jersey
Wishbone Jersey

On Sale €30,00 Regular price

Pink childs cycling cap
Wishbone Casquette

On Sale €9,00 Regular price

Wishbone Bike Bag
Wishbone Strap
Wishbone Strap


Purple silicone bike grips
Last Chance - Purple Grips

On Sale €12,95 Regular price

3 Piece Bike Stand
Wishbone Bike Bag in Marine
Wishbone Bike Bag Starter Pack
Wishbone Nameplate - Baker's Dozen 12 + 1
Wishbone Bell Box of 7
Wishbone Bell Box of 7

From €140,00