Wishbone Bike Limited Edition 3in1 Space

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The ultimate pre-bike. Learn to walk, ride and balance all-in-one. Ideal for 12 months to 5 years, Wishbone Bike is the original learn to ride system for babies and preschoolers. Awarded TIME Magazine's Design 100, 'Wishbone sets the standard' says Huffington Post. Our Limited Edition Space bike features original artwork by Neal Whittington to inspire you & your little one to believe in your dreams. Trust your innovative power. Imagine a brilliant future. First imagine it, then build it, step by step. 

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Human exploration into outer space has inspired our imagination for centuries. Since 1961, that dream has become reality, fuelled by a spirit of optimism and cooperation.  

But today, our planet faces different challenges. Climate change, populations growth, wealth disparity, threats to international security. Here at Wishbone we believe creativity can solve any problem. 

With Space bike we wanted to remind you of the mind-boggling achievements already notched up. When the human race gets inspired and joins forces, there's no stopping us.